Consignment Service

I consign women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories and make up.

-All items have to be clean and or laundered and authentic.

-All have to have a brand name. (Brand/Designer tag sewn in)

-Makeup and swimsuits (New with tags) 

For any luxury items, if you have receipts, proof of purchase or authentication cards please include them. 

Anything that has stains, blemishes, smoke & pet odor or holes will be donated and or recycled depending on what the item is and the condition of the item.

My Commission: 

-30% on any goods with an original value of $500 or more.

-50% on any goods with an original value $499 and below.

For clients out of the Buffalo, NY area:

*Shipping items: I will pay for the cost of shipping up front. You can use a free USPS box (or any box you have laying around) and send me the height, width, length and weight so I can purchase and send you the label. Once I receive the items, I will count them and divide the total shipping cost by the number of items in the box. I will then subtract the shipping cost for that item from the profits. That way all of the costs are covered by the buyers of the items.


Contact me at with Consignment in the subject line to use my service. I will send a follow up e-mail with my consignment contract.

Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you!